We love Idaho!

We love gardening in southwest Idaho

Southwest Idaho growing conditions are unique: it’s hot here in the summer often over 100 degrees. During the growing season of June, July and August we rarely receive more than 2 inches of rain. We have low humidity, and our soils can be thick with clay, shallow due to caliche, or sandy in the foothills.

We are not the midwest, we are not the east coast, we can’t grow the same gardens as southern California or Portland and Seattle. But we can produce good food and lovely gardens.

We are concerned about having clean water for ourselves, children and grandchildren. We want to protect our water supply and use it wisely.

We are concerned about the number of pollinators in our ecosystem and we want to see more!

We want to protect our soil, and keep it healthy and produce abundant gardens.

As gardeners in your community, we can show you how to grow your own safe food supply, how to save money doing it.

We want to promote local Idaho food producers: CSA’s, community gardeners, and our small farmers.

For the gardener in SW Idaho, we can help you with growing beautiful flowers, planting a sustainable landscape, feeding your family.