How to Search the Internet for Good Answers to Your Garden Questions

How to Search for Good Answers to Your Garden Questions. Or, should I believe everything I read on the internet??

There is SO much information on the internet about gardening.

There is SO much BAD information on the internet about gardening.

There is SO much GOOD information on the internet about gardening. How do you sort it all out?

Here are a few tips:

.edu and .org

While using your favorite search engine: (like these: Google, Firefox, DuckDuckGo) add this to your search words: .edu

This will bring up fewer ads, (unfortunately, it does not eliminate ads), fewer commercial sites and more information that has been published by educational institutions- colleges, universities, public schools.

Then, look at the web address that the search engine is suggesting and see if it really is an educational institution.

Websites with .edu after their name are selective in publishing facts, rather than wives tales.

EXAMPLE: pruning lilacs .edu

Try it, you will like your results!

Similarly, add .org to your search terms will give you results of organizations, clubs, some non-profits, some for profits that might have the info you are looking for.

Search using your growing zone

Just add the words "zone 5" or whatever zone you are in along with your search terms.

Example: pruning lilacs zone 5

Why you ask? Because the correct time to prune certain shrubs may vary depending on your USDA growing zone!

Being specific with your search helps you so you don't have to scroll down page after page looking for the best answer.

make sure you look at the address before you click on the results. avoid the words: ad

If you just want to see a picture then click images at the top of the page results.

DuckDuckGo also offers at the top of their search page, these options; web, images, videos, news, maps, meanings. So you get a lot of choices!

Search by adding your state name or city

Example: pruning lilacs SW Idaho. Now you will find out the correct month to prune those lilacs in Idaho, not Minnesota!

If you are looking to buy plants, or garden products, buy the local ones. Save your self money, and shipping costs.

Facebook groups should be your third or fourth option.

We grow big potatoes in Idaho!


You can't always believe what you read on Facebook. Or what you see!

There are a lot of truths on FB and a lot of untruths. Who has time to sort all that out?

Anyone else have some suggestions? Let me know below!