Perennials (and Annuals) That Like Idaho in July and August!

Below are photos of flowers in August, that can take the heat! Most are perennials. These are the ones to plant in your yard if you live in the high desert, like SW Idaho, Eastern Oregon and similar locales where you have 90-100 degree summers, with low humidity and alkaline soils.


Yellow Gaillardia


Rudbeckia fulgida

Agastache and hyssops tolerate heat and can survive on little water. Hummingbirds and bees love these.





Bluebeard- 'First Choice' Caryopteris x clandonensis

Salvia Giant Purple Sage

Blue Flame Giant Purple Sage (Salvia pachyphylla)

Tall garden phlox GardenTronic

White Phlox



There are many varieties of sedums, so many sizes, and colors. These are on top of a small roof top.

A variety of sedums

Pink echinacea (perennial flower) Echinacea and zinnias Zinnia (annual flower) in front of the fence. Behind the fence is the perennial Russian sage a heat-loving plant. And way in the back, the tall flowers with long stems topped with purple are the annual and self-seeding verbena bonariensis Tall Verbena. The verbena is a favorite of mine when it comes to self-seeding annuals.

zinnias by a fence

Annuals that flourish in July and August heat:

Centaurea -Bachelor's Buttons, or Cornflower Cornflower- these will self seed and that is a good thing!

centaurea, bachelor's buttons, cornflower

Orange calendula, or pot marigold with dark purple bachelor's buttons, and pink sweet peas. All three of these annuals self-seed in my garden.

Calendula, cornflower and sweet peas

Zinnias- Zinnia . These are the variety 'State Fair' and I love them because they get to 3 feet tall. These do NOT sad!


Sunflowers are wonderful since they come in so many colors and sizes. The only ones that self-seed are the native sunflower which is a small yellow flower on a very tall stalk.



These are the one I have experienced What flowers have you had success with?